Aritzia: The morning of our shoot, Orange Is the New Black scored seven Emmy nods, and Samira Wiley is all smiles—and eager to leave. “They’re celebrating on set right now,” says the Juilliard grad, who plays the hilarious but vulnerable Poussey Washington on the breakout Netflix show. Fame “happened so suddenly,” Wiley explains. “When the show came out, people could watch [the whole season] in a weekend, so I feel like our lives changed less gradually than people on network TV shows.” Not that she’s complaining: “It’s awesome to go through it with all the other girls. I feel like we’re a family.”

It took me a really long time to accept that I could be an actor. I had been doing acting since I was ten years old but I never got acknowledgment for it until I got accepted to Juilliard. It was like, Oh, we know you’re passionate…and now maybe you’re talented too!

The number of times you’re going to get stopped on the street and get asked to take a seflie with someone is something to keep in mind. I don’t ever want to look busted these days. Not even to go to the corner store for ice cream!

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this why they killed him

JFK will forever be one of the best presidents this nation ever had.

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Model: Sharnee Gates
Photographer: Romain Duquesne
Styling, hair & make up: Constance Bowles

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I will never not find this funny

Oh my god

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I got contacted by Alex Riedlinger, an Eritrean photographer keen on sharing is work. Alex has done work in Ethiopia and Nigeria. In Portland, OR, he focuses on Black and African immigrant communities. - Yagazie

Just Like That is a documentary photography series shot in Southwest Nigeria. It is a work that combines street photography, music, dance, and religious ritual documentation. While in Nigeria, Alex Riedlinger spent considerable time shadowing young Yoruba Ifa priests that are heirs to an old and respected religious practice involving complex systems of divination, an expansive oral and musical tradition and the worship of ancestors and precolonial deities called Orisa. The young fetish priests depicted in this series represent a synthesis of traditional Yoruba identity and contemporary values. 

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